Thanks to fast and reliable software and hardware development techniques, we help you commercialize economically. Innovative and developing technological systems have become a part of our lives. These capabilities have helped reduce the time and cost of software and hardware development. We offer you a reliable and fast product development opportunity. We offer you a new generation system design by using tools such as the internet of things, artificial intelligence, image processing techniques and embedded system technology. We provide you with an end-to-end service by designing electronic cards. In Antalya Teknokent, we are developing electronic circuit design and tests with our expert team. We stand by our customers in electronic card design by producing long-lasting circuits. You can get detailed information and price by contacting us.

Pcb Card

What does Level-Up produce for you?

Electronic board design and circuit design has become one of the fastest growing technologies these days. If the remote controlled circuit is to be defined easily; It means machines that communicate with humans. For example, there is a stove in your house, you want it to notify you when the food on the stove is cooked. That's exactly what IoT is. It is the name given to electronic card-based systems that talk or communicate with people and even produce special solutions for you. Now everyone will be wondering this question. Why is it called IoT? or why is it not an automation system or software? At this point, we would like to teach you the term intelligent system. In other words, it means that every object is connected to the internet. The system that comes to mind when we say IoT is completely unmanned machines that make their own decisions, process these decisions, and then inform you. At Autoroics, we want to be a new vision for your business with our solutions, services and highly efficient electronic systems. Autoronics offers Iot system services in every field from smart home automation to industrial control systems.

PCB Board and Electronic Software Development

We offer affordable, PCB printed circuit board, electronic board production and software for machines. In addition, we are developing mobile application and Iot Technology integrated with the automation system. We are designing electronic cards in Antalya Teknokent. We offer reliable systems and software by developing all tests of circuits.